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A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you much love one another.
John 13:34

Sanctuary Myspace"Every act of ministry reveals something about God. The Word of God is also the ministry of God. God's truth cannot be detached from God's character."
-- Dr. Ray Anderson,
Professor of Theology,
Fuller Theological Seminary
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Welcome to the Sanctuary Christian Ministries Website!

Sanctuary Christian Ministries exists to pioneer new ways of doing ministry to more effectively penetrate and permeate North America with the love of Jesus Christ.

Sanctuary Christian Ministries strives to develop safe, sensitive, and non-judgemental Christians creating a Sanctuary or community of Christians where everyone can experience the amazing love and grace of Jesus Christ.


Sanctuary Christian Ministries - You are God's Priceless Diamond - Safe, Sensitive, Non=judgemental!

A Brief History of Sanctuary Christian Ministries

In the summer of 2000, Dr. Laird started performing weddings for young, unchurched couples on his days off. It proved a most fruitful doorway into the world of the unchurched, formerly churched, and even some then-currently churched who professed to be Christians but who, for whatever reasons, were not getting married in a church yet wanted an ordained minister (and, in 90% of the cases, some kind of religious service). They sought him out through his web site so all contacts were (and still are) initiated by these unchurched couples. In the majority of cases these couples were alienated and/or disenfranchised from organized Christian fellowship.

Between the web site and in-person interviews in the couple's own homes, safe and trusting relationships were established very quickly. An openness to talk about issues impacting their wedding and, even more, their relationship established the bridge to frankly address church and faith issues. To his surprise and delight, he discovered a great receptivity to very deep personal and spiritual conversations. But his eyes were also opened to story after story of painful rejection, shame, judgment and alienation. The vision -- and imperative -- was thus born for establishing a new kind of credible Christian ministry to touch these priceless souls with the love of Jesus Christ.

Sanctuary Christian Ministries' Founders

Credibility with the bride and groom also gained Dr. Laird credibility with their friends, family, and extended family -- hundreds of people who knew and were impacted by the couples' painful stories. The wedding ministry, then, also served as a fruitful PORTAL to establish -- or reestablish -- Christian credibility to broad segments of the unchurched population in a happy, personal, and non-threatening way.

The founders of Sanctuary Christian Ministries all shared a godly discontent with the mediocre standards of excellence and the even more mediocre impact of our present Christian institutions on our society. They also shared a deep compassion for those alienated, disenfranchised, and church wounded. In particular they shared the strongest conviction and commitment to reach at ANY cost -- the children and youth of the unchurched with the love of Jesus Christ.

Sanctuary Christian Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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  When a person has been wounded in life, they seek out the church for spiritual and emotional healing and support.

But when the CHURCH is the source of injustice, pain and/or alienation, where can they go?

Core Ideology

What Core Ideology is

Core beliefs and core values represent who we are in the deepest sense, which the stated mission is an expression of what we do and why. Unlike ministries and programs, core ideology is not subject to change due to changing contexts, potential growth opportunities or possible negative repercussions. Core ideology is not "created." It simply exists. It is intrinsic to the very nature of the organization.

The central importance of core ideology for any church or Christian organization cannot be overstated! Core ideology is the basis of "unity of mind, spirit, purpose, and love." It allows people of widely diverse cultures, backgrounds, personalities, gifts and abilities to work together and learn from each other. Core ideology is what makes the organization distinct. Indeed, in a very real sense, people join the core ideology more than the church or organization.

Anyone considering attending and/or getting involved with Sanctuary Christian Ministries -- starting a Sanctuary Group, becoming a PAL, planting postmodern missional churches, etc. -- need look no further than the core ideology to discern for themselves their compatibility.

What Core Ideology is NOT

Core beliefs and values are just that: CORE. They are not a complete set of doctrinal statements on every facet of Christian theology. Indeed, there are a great many other deeply help values and beliefs within the Sanctuary community and its leadership, not all of them equally shared or, in some cases, shared at all. We have people on both sides of many "hot" theological issues that continue to divide the church. However, we all share a common passion about what is CORE, that is, what matters most.

Core Values

Priority of Mission
Ministry to/for unchurched and/or church wounded.
For evaluation: “Does it target unchurched persons, particularly those with previous exposure to some version of Christianity?”

Being a Pioneer
Not following others but originating new approaches.
For evaluation: “Is it ORIGINAL? RELEVANT?”

Agape Love
Treating every person as God’s priceless diamond!

Grace and Non-judgment
Accepting people as they are.
For evaluation: “Is it emotionally SAFE?”

Passion for “WOW”
Specifically in care for people/doing the little things.
For evaluation of NEW idea/ministry: “Is it WOW?”
For evaluation of EXISTING idea/ministry: “Is it BETTER?”

Being human, down-to-earth, authentic, real, true.
For evaluation: “Is he/she/it CREDIBLE?”

Core Beliefs

Jesus Christ only Lord and Savior
Christianity rooted in the life, teachings, ministry, and values of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the personal revelation of God -- God Incarnate.

Grace -- God’s Unmerited Favor
The Good News is good news for both the churched and unchurched because it is a free gift rather than reward for human performance. Unique to Christianity.

Agape Love
God is love. Whoever loves is born of God and knows God (I.Jn. 4:7-8). The defining characteristic of Christianity (Jn. 13:35). Our greatest and most difficult challenge!

Balanced View of Humanity
EVERY person is of infinite worth, beloved by God above all creation with potential for great good; innately self-centered sinners with potential for horrific evil.

Authority and Role of Scripture
The Bible is the unique, authoritative, written revelation of God, revealing God’s character and purpose most perfectly revealed in Jesus Christ. Purpose is to point us to Christ, the Lord and Savior.

Humility and Servanthood
The Lord Jesus washed feet. Greatness found in humility. God glorified in humble servanthood. Needs of others over our own. Humility also in faith. We see through glass dimly. We’re all in process.

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